For enquiries, please contact HKEdCity at 2624 1000.
如有任何問題,請致電2624 1000與香港教育城聯絡。
Username 用戶名稱: @eservices.hkedcity.net
Password 密碼:  
Point to Note:

You may forward your mails to your commonly used email account and, for MSA, to DSA(T) or the personal email of DSA(A). If the DSA(T) / DSA(A) has left the school, please stop the auto-forward function as soon as possible to prevent any leakage of school information. Please click here for set up procedures.

你可將電郵轉寄至你常用的電郵戶口,而MSA則可將電郵轉寄給DSA(T)或DSA(A)的私人電郵。如DSA(T) / DSA(A)已離開學校,請儘快停止自動轉寄功能,以防止學校資料外洩。請按了解設定方法。